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Dorothy Simpson


In 1963 Dorothy Simpson wrote a book called  Our Church's History, St Peters,Dorothy Simpson's Book Flawford and St Peter's, Ruddington. She began the book with the following:


"St Peter's-in-the-Ashes", St Peter's-in-the-Elms", "The Field of Graves", "The Deserted Graveyard" - these are some of the names by which Flawford has been known during the centuries.

A visitor to the district in the late seventeen hundreds wrote to his friend describing this Mother Church of Ruddington as "The most celebrated and spacious structure of its kind in the county, with three or four exceptions". 


Dorothy began writing the history of St Peter's Church, in Ruddington where her husband was the vicar.  The site of the mother church of Ruddington was discovered at Ruddington and Dorothy was one of the first to start helping with the digs there.

She was described by friends as the driving force behind the Ruddington-based museum which opened in 1970. She started fundraising to help buy and renovate the complex for the Frameworker Knitters Museum.

She decided to set up the Village Museum in 1967 to house the many artefacts discovered on the site.

Friends said that Dorothy was a lovely lady who was very generous and well respected in the village.


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