Flawford Church

Flawford Excavation


The people involved

There were many people involved with the excavation and here is a list of some. If there are any left out then please let us know.

Mrs S M Suthers

Mr P Duke
Mrs D M Shrimpton Mr N Rogers
Mrs E L Woodward Mr Malcolm Dean
Mr J Penczek  

The following thanks are to the following individuals and to staff at various museums who have helped over the years:

Leicester Jewry Wall Museum

Mr R Rutland and Mr P Liddle for their help on Puddingstone Rotary Querns

Passmore Edwards Museum

Mr I G Robertson  also for his help on Puddingstone Rotary Querns

Lincoln City & County Museum

Mr A White and Mr T M Ambrose for their help on Iron Age pottery

Grantham and Scunthorpe Museum

The staff there for their help on Iron Age pottery

Nottingham Castle Museum

Mr A MacCormick for his help on Medieval pottery

Institute of Geological Sciences (now renamed British Geological Society)

Mr R W Sanderson and Mr B Manning for their work in identifying the courses of the tesserae material.

Nottingham University Archaeology Museum

Mr R C Alvey, University Technician, for his help during the excavation in the identification and preservation of find, for his report on animal bones, coins, molluscs and Analysis of Ash. Also for his invaluable practical help and advice on the drawings of pottery and small finds. Without his guidance and assistance this report would not  have been possible.

Ruddington Local History Society

Over the past thirty years, Ruddington Local History and Amenity Society has researched and disseminated many aspects of Ruddington's history


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